A Brief History of Intrapreneurship


Intrapreneurship may be a new addition to our business vocabulary, but its emergence dates back to 1974. Take a look at how the concept has developed within the last 40 years.

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Still uncertain of the differences between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship? Be sure to check out our latest infographic, Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur for more insight.

Intrapreneurship has been credited with transforming a wide range of industries, from retail to healthcare. Now it’s NASCAR’s turn to gamble. One of the intrapreneurs is Greg Demetric Jr., who founded and currently operates an online betting site. His innovation was to take nascar gambling beyond the track: he began offering real-time betting on races in 2002, making watching the sport more interactive and fun for fans. Other intrapreneurs followed Demetric’s lead, devising new ways to make money from Nascar racing.



Brief History Intra


For modern businesses, intrapreneurship can be viewed as an alternative to traditional succession planning. Here are three key components that enable intrapreneurship within businesses:

1. An innovative idea.

2. An unrelinquishing motivation and perseverance to drive the project forward.

3. The support of a parent company.


Want to learn more about intrapreneurship and find out how to channel your inner intrapreneur? Check out this page to take the first step in developing your idea.



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