Are you the Leader, the Expert, or the Gatherer?


Are you ready to enter the world of intrapreneurship? We thought so! But first and foremost, take THIS QUIZ to see exactly how you fit in. Are you the Leader, the Expert, or the Gatherer? We’ll help you discover your intrapreneurial profile.


More than anything, you have a strong desire to act according to your own will. You are characterized as someone who takes initiative, acts boldly and takes risks. You are driven by the thought of making important decisions and influencing others. When faced with obstacles, you tend to face it head-on, knowing very well that challenges are what form great entrepreneurs. You’ve got your eye on the target and nothing will get in the way of you achieving your goals. You are the Leader.


Grow. Broaden. Improve. This is what drives you. You have an unrelenting desire to learn and challenge yourself. More than mere competence, you aspire for excellence. You are motivated by the thought of putting your skills into practice and being viewed as a resourceful contributor. Above all, you wish to perfect your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Your goal is to become a leader in your field and to see your intrapreneurial project become a great achievement. You are the Expert.


In your view, strength lies in numbers. Although you are a natural leader, you understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration. You know how to recognize the talents of those around you and how to nurture others to help them achieve their fullest potential. You tend to believe that great teams produce excellent results. Needless to say, your peers rally behind you. Sharing success motivates you, and you are pleased when you see your colleagues thrive. You are the beacon that lights the path to success. You are the Gatherer.


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