Attend our Free Ideation Workshop!


If you’re an aspiring intrapreneur, chances are you have more than one business idea in mind. Looking to put them to the test? We can help.



Join us on Tuesday, June 20th at 6:00 p.m. in Toronto, Ontario, for a free and exclusive ideation workshop with our intrapreneurship expert, Guillaume Hervé, author of Winning at Intrapreneurship.


But… what’s an ideation session?


Think of it as an opportunity to challenge and refine your best business idea. Guillaume will help you identify your interests, passions, and competencies that will allow you to channel your inner intrapreneur. Expect to walk away inspired, with new tips and tools to help turn your project into a reality.


Your intrapreneurial team


Don’t forget, INTRApreneurship is all about tapping into the resources of an existing business with the help of a mentor in your network – so start thinking about who this could be! Feel free to register and bring them along, as we will be hosting an information session for them in parallel.


Wondering if this workshop is for you? Here are our participation criteria:

  1. You’re an intrapreneur in his/her 20’s or 30’s, and are ready to innovate!
  2. You’re connected in some way to a business willing to share some resources (technical, human, or financial)
  3. You know a mentor from that business who is willing to support the new intraprise


What are you waiting for? Spots are limited, RSVP today!


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