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Following in the footsteps of her family


Chanel Alepin followed in the footsteps of her family and became a lawyer at the Alepin Gauthier law firm. She participated in the first intrapreneurial cohort with her father, François Alepin, founder of the firm. He career path, as well as her personal experience enriched her  appreciation of the Intrapreneurship Initiative, and allowed her to […]

How do you encourage employees to step outside of their comfort zones?


Give your employees a platform – by implementing a plan to give your employees time to innovate and show them that it is okay to think outside the box and take risks. Reward great ideas and learn from ones that are not quite as strong. Do not treat failure as a negative thing but rather […]

Growing the Next Generation of Intrapreneurs: Drakkar & Partners


Did you know that 1 out of 3 intrapreneurial projects give birth to a solid new business, which is 3× more efficient than entrepreneurship! In a world of aspiring entrepreneurs, it is time to value innovation within existing family businesses. Who would have thought that a family owned recruitment firm would invest in creating an app that helps tracks lost […]

How do I get intrapreneurship started at my company?


How do I get intrapreneurship started at my company? Intrapreneurship starts with investing in your current talent and giving your employees the time and freedom to innovate, brainstorm and work independently. For intrapreneurship to be successful, it takes two! It’s all about a generation of young leaders tapping into existing knowledge and resources of existing […]

A novel way to solve the business succession crisis


One of the biggest risks in the economy is the fumbled hand-off of family businesses from one generation to the next. The expession “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” sums this up nicely: the first generation builds a successful business, the second generation carries on in a diminished way, and the third generation inherits a […]

How can companies encourage intrapreneurship and have realistic expectations?


How can companies encourage intrapreneurship and have realistic expectations? Give your employees time to work on something they are interested in! By doing this, setting realistic goals and timelines, and acknowledging that there will be both failures and successes, you will succeed! The important part is to constantly test new ideas at various stages of […]

Innovitech: Innovation Driving Development


Jean-Philippe Gagnon is a young man who holds the future of his family’s business, Innovitech, close to heart. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in entrepreneurship, he has spent the last six years exploring a number of positions within the company, founded by his father in 1989. By working in communications and […]

What exactly is an Intrapreneur?


An Intrapreneur is basically an entrepreneur within an existing organization. Intrapreneurship involves individuals or groups of individuals exploring high-risk, high-reward ideas within the safety and support of a larger, well-established structure and tapping into resources to help make their project possible. Intrapreneurship is the process of creating value through leveraging the resources and support system […]