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A chance for you to develop your best business idea


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Our in-house intrapreneurship expert, Guillaume Hervé, has developed an inspiring experience just for you!

The ‘Ideation Workshop’ has been designed to help aspiring intrapreneurs zero-in on the right project to pursue based on their environment, resources, personal aspirations and competencies. Whether they desire to lead an innovative new division, company or social business, participants should arrive ready to get creative and challenge their ideas!

*Intrapreneurs should also be sure to come with a potential mentor and parent company from their network in mind, that’d be willing to partner with them to launch their new intrapreneurial venture.

Participation Criteria

All it takes is a…

  • 1 Family Enterprise with resources to share
  • 2 Intrapreneur ready to launch a project of their own
  • 3 Mentor willing to support, empower and guide

Want More Information?

Big projects normally trigger many questions. Do not hesitate to get in touch by phone or email, we would be happy to help transform your intrapreneurial dreams into a reality.

For more information, contact:

Chris Dohnal
[email protected]
+1 647-243-1264

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