Intrapreneurship: A Win-Win Situation


Intrapreneurship is unique in its ability to provide value for all stakeholders.


From the intrapreneur’s perspective, it gives them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, and pave new avenues for growth and rapid advancement for the organization in which they work. It also allows them to work alongside colleagues who are passionate, dynamic, and driven by the ambition of achieving a common goal. Intrapreneurship secures the intrapreneur’s project, by leveraging the resources of an existing company (financial, technical, and human) to accelerate the project’s development. Last, but certainly not the least, intrapreneurship provides an opportunity to better attract investments (given the support of the parent company), thus reducing the risk of failure that is inherent to most start-ups.


From the host company’s perspective, intrapreneurship limits employee attrition rates and develops a reliable alternative to traditional turnover/succession processes. In regards to growth potential, intrapreneurship allows the company to increasingly flexible and to quickly adapt to new market trends to develop a competitive advantage. Intrapreneurship also allows the company to optimize its resources and cultivate employees, by showing that they value their ideas and encourage them in their projects. Lastly, the host company has an opportunity to capture new growth, drive internal efficiency, and diversity into the business portfolio. This all improves the overall profitability of the organization.


Here is an illustration of the many ways in which parties benefit from new intrapreneurial ventures.


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