The Intrapreneur title could be yours

Take a moment to stop, think, reflect, soul search, (whatever you like to call it) and ask yourself what you really want to do with your career. In other words, what job do you really see yourself doing in the future?

If you’re not sure about the answer to this question – don’t sweat, it’s my fault and yes, I asked on purpose. I’ve asked you a very specific question – one that I was actually hoping you couldn’t reply to. Why? Well because chances are, if you couldn’t decide on just “a” job…it’s because you have no interest in having one – a typical job, that is. One that can easily be chosen out of a list. It seems to me like you want to do more, to be more.

To be an Intrapreneur.

An Intrapreneur is someone who’s filled with leadership qualities – innovative, driven and passionate. Sound like you? Yes? Thought so. Keep reading now – it’s time for you to move forward.


Get on board this ship – Intrapreneurship that is.

As an Intrapreneur, you’ll be so dedicated to your business project, that you’ll be looking for solutions on how to maximize the success and minimize the risks around it. Well, I know a solution that will naturally occur when you claim the title of an Intrapreneur.

Young technology entrepreneurs discussing a tablet computer in a startup office

Being an Intrapreneur automatically means that you’ll be part of a relationship called Intrapreneurship. With Intrapreneurship, you increase the chances of putting your idea into successful business practice by using resources shared with you by an existing enterprise, a parent company. You’ll be utilizing their resources – all while getting support and advice from an experienced mentor. The result? Maximizing your projects success and minimizing the risks.

You’re one smart cookie, you know by using the resources around you – the people around as a guide will serve your project well. Learn, listen and go go go…!


The Reality of the Entrepreneurial World

If being an Intrapreneur is already looking like the ideal career choice for you, then it’ll only get better from here. On the other hand, if you’re still not so convinced that you want the career title of an Intrapreneur, you just might be after reading this part.

When someone decides to be an entrepreneur, it’s easy for the nitty gritty (yet still important!) details to get in the way of the whole drive and purpose that led someone start their own business in the first place. Details like accounting (payable, receivable), technology (do you have a printer? What ink do you need?), legal criteria (Are you writing this contract properly?) ….oh my…the list goes on.

Technology startup team celebrates good news in their officeHowever, with Intrapreneurship, these types of details are less likely to get in the way because you’re creating your business project within a parent company who’s already taken care of these details. Along with concrete resources (like an accounting department and/or sufficient technology to use), you’ll have access to both your mentor and other experienced professionals within the parent company to help you along the way. With these resources in place, you’ll be able to totally focus all of your energy on your business project alone.

Despite the emphasis on Intrapreneurship and the overall benefits of this type of teamwork, you must not lose sight that you are still the Intrapreneur. Which means that you will always be the heart of your business project. It’ll be your hard word, self-discipline and those leadership qualities we mentioned at the beginning that will ultimately contribute to the success of your business project, both in the short term – and long term.

In Short

At this point in your life, reading this very article – you know that the typical, traditional 9-5 office job doesn’t quite suit your entrepreneurial spirt. While the office job is great for some, it just isn’t for you and we think that’s great! The important thing is that you continue to nurture that spirit by continuing to explore your intrapreneurial qualities– the ones that will maximize your project’s success.


Not sure if you are an Intrapreneur or an Entrepreneur? Check out this Infographic to find out


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