Key terms to know about Intrapreneurship



Creation, within a company, of an innovative business project, led by a representative of the rising generation with the financial, technical and human support of the parent company.


Keynote Speakers and Entrepreneurs

A renowned and inspiring entrepreneur who shares his / her experience and advice with the cohort of participants in the intrapreneurial Initiative in intimate settings.


Parent Company

Company where the intrapreneurial project will take place. This parent company allows the intrapreneur to utilize its technological, human and financial resources to facilitate the launch of their project in order increase the likelihood of its success.



The individual at the head of the intrapreneurial project. He / she possesses an unwavering will to ensure the success of his / her project. Ultimately, the success of the project lies within the hands of the intrapreneur.



The result of an entrepreneurial activity within an established organization. The intraprise is driven by the intrapreneur and takes advantage of existing resources with untapped potential. Its sector of activity may be related to the main activity of the host company (such as a new division) or completely separated (a “spin-off”).


Intrapreneurial Family

A new project funded and overseen by the family business. The intrapreneur sets up an intrapreneurial project with the financial support and advice of the parent company, enabling it to participate in the growth of the family business.


Rising Generation (Next Gen)

Member of the business family that is part of the next generation of leaders who instills curiosity and innovation within the family business.


Intergenerational Partnership

A two-way relationship that allows and encourages personal development – between a rising generation member and a first generation member – in the context of a mutually beneficial project.



Short and intensive program offering support and training to entrepreneurs which expedites the development process of a commercialization strategy.



An individual who guides and supports the intrapreneur – combining will, expertise and experience that, combined, will allow the success of the intraprise.


Advisory Committee

Group of individuals (outside the entrepreneurial family), who are entrusted by the family and is consulted when making important decisions.


Experienced Facilitators

Experienced business experts of rich and varied backgrounds who support the intrapreneur throughout the duration of his/ her Intrapreneurial journey.