Meet Our In-House Intrapreneurial Expert, Guillaume Hervé


Guillaume Hervé is an accomplished senior business executive and serial intrapreneur with more than 25 years of experience in leadership and management spanning several sectors, including aerospace, high technology, healthcare, government and defence. He works with business leaders from all industries to develop high impact growth and repositioning strategies supported by well-developed execution plans leveraging intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial best practices. Guillaume is also a trained facilitator who excels at working with senior leadership teams to achieve breakthroughs, buy-in and alignment. He is the author of Winning at Intrapreneurship: 12 Labors to Overcome Corporate Culture and Achieve Startup Success and regularly publishes articles addressing the challenges of leadership, management and intrapreneurship. He is the Intrapreneurship Expert in Residence at the Business Family Foundation, Chairman of CTS Health, an accelerator for medical technologies companies and an executive mentor to entrepreneurs in Montreal.


About Winning at Intrapreneurship

Winning at Intrapreneurship: 12 Labors to Overcome Corporate Culture and Achieve Startup Success provides unique insights into the challenges of intrapreneurship and offers a proven methodology and tools to leverage intrapreneurship (corporate entrepreneurship) to grow your business by expending into new markets. It is aimed at business and functional leaders and managers in organizations called upon to lead or support a corporate entrepreneurship strategy and to prepare their organization to maximize the chances of success when launching a new business or line of business. The book is unique in how it helps guide business leaders to steer the start-up as it grows and leverage best practices. It is divided into 12 labours, each dealing with specific challenges.


The 12 Labours


If you’re interested in learning more about how to foster intrapreneurship in your business, be sure to give this novel a read. If you’re an aspiring intrapreneur, keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive Ideation Workshops with Guillaume Hervé!

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