How to Find the Right Mentor…For You


Why do you need a mentor in the first place? Starting a business can often feel like venturing into the unknown. You’re starting on a brand-new journey (which admit, you are ultra-excited about) but quite frankly, aren’t too sure where to begin just yet. Market strategy, potential business opportunities, financial resources…these are a few among […]

Find Your Intrapreneurial Idea in 5 Steps


Some launch an intrapreneurial project because they want to collaborate over a project that they can really call their own. Others launch it because they see a great opportunity to capitalize on within an existing business. Regardless of the reasons as to why you want to be an Intrapreneur, here are five steps that are […]

Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur


You’ve probably already heard of the term ‘entrepreneurship’ – this comes as no surprise, as countless studies and research have been conducted on this subject. However recently, a new term has been added to our business vocabulary and you just might have never encountered it before – at least not like this. Intrapreneurship. Intrapreneurship is a […]

The Faita Family: an Intrapreneurial Success Story


The Faita family is a shining example of family intrapreneurship at its best! The Intrapreneurial Initiative has had the pleasure of helping put together a unique video that illustrates the intrapreneurial story of the Faita family.   Elena and Stefano Faita (featured below) were absolutely fantastic in helping us bring to life their adventure right here in […]