The Faita Family: an Intrapreneurial Success Story


The Faita family is a shining example of family intrapreneurship at its best!

The Intrapreneurial Initiative has had the pleasure of helping put together a unique video that illustrates the intrapreneurial story of the Faita family.

Elena and Stefano Faita (featured below) were absolutely fantastic in helping us bring to life their adventure right here in Montreal, that all started in 1954.

It was truly amazing to discover how what started as Dante hardware store in Little Italy (having recently celebrated its 60th anniversary!) inspired Elena’s daughter Christina to open a cooking school (La Mezza Luna), and helped her son Stefano realize his dream to open multiple restaurants (GEMA and Impasto) and start his own cooking show as well as publish multiple books. You simply cannot deny that the entrepreneurial spirit lies within this family.

What is so wonderful about this family’s story is that every new business venture created by Elena’s children was enforced in some way by the knowledge, resources, and support of the family.

Often times, entrepreneurs may not even realize it, but they pass on their know-how, their drive, characteristics and most importantly their values to their children.


Did you know that in Quebec, coming from an Entrepreneurial family, DOUBLES your chances of becoming an entrepreneur? 

(Source: Indice entrepreneurial québécois 2015 – Fondation de l’entrepreneurship)


The Intrapreneurial Initiative is proud to share the Faita family’s intrapreneurial success story! This is a tale of one Italian family establishing a foothold in Montreal by pouring heart, soul, and a dash of perseverance into the family business. Listen to their story as told by Elena and Stefano Faita themselves.

Santé! Kampaï! Brindisi!

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